What does an SRNA do?
Who can take this SRNA class?
How long does it take to complete the the course?
What is the total cost of taking the class?
What is your refund policy?
When and where is TB testing done?
Where do I find information about Kentucky state SRNA testing?
Is my Kentucky SRNA license recognized by other states?
How do I get a complaint resolved?

What does an SRNA do?

SRNAs typically assist patients with daily activities; core functions of the job could include:

  • Bathe, groom, and dress patients with low mobility
  • Serve meals and help patients eat
  • Take vital signs and observe patient behavior, reporting them to the nursing and medical staff
  • Turn or reposition patients in bed to prevent discomfort or skin breakdown
  • Collect information about conditions and treatment plans from caregivers, nurses, and doctors
  • Provide and empty bedpans
  • Assist patients with mobility needs, transferring them into beds, wheelchairs, exam tables, etc.
  • Assist patients with exercise by performing range-of-motion or helping them walk
  • Answer patient calls
  • Examine patients for bruises, blood in urine or other injuries/wounds
  • Clean and sanitize patient areas
  • Change bed sheets and restock rooms with necessary supplies, like blankets pillows, bathroom needs, and medical equipment

State-Registered Nurse Aides also serve as a conduit between patients, nurses and doctors, and record and communicate all issues to medical staff. Nurse Aides are vitally important in healthcare today! After successful completion of an approved training program and passing the State Exam, an SRNA will have many opportunities in a variety of healthcare settings, including long-term care. Our course can equip you for your new career! When you devote adequate time to each step along the way, take advantage of all the online resources and encouragement from the RightChoice Team, you will be prepared for what’s ahead!

Who can take this SRNA course?

Applicants must be 17 years old and must pass a background check (no felony convictions – click HERE for more information). Applicants also cannot be listed on the Nurse Aide Abuse Registry or the Kentucky Adult Caregiver Misconduct Registry.

How long does it take to complete the online course?

Students must complete a minimum of 59 hours of coursework and 16 hours of supervised clinical/practical training to meet the KY State requirements. The online course is self-paced; however, most students complete the coursework in six to eight weeks.

What is the total cost of taking the course?


The total cost payable to RightChoice is $650.  This includes:

  • Application and registration fee – $50, this fee is non-refundable!
  • Tuition – $450
  • Textbook and study binder – $85
  • Background checks – $25
  • Scrub top for clinicals – $15
  • Liability insurance – $25

Students, upon request, may take advantage of the Payment Plan. An initial payment of $450 is required for enrollment. The final balance of $200 must be paid in full prior to scheduling the student’s 16-hour clinical session.

Additional costs to the student include either a 2-step TB skin test ($30) or a TB blood test ($50), and black scrub pants. For students who plan to take the State Exam upon completion of the course, the total cost is $115. The test is scheduled through the Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS) and is administered at one of the KCTCS campuses.

Note that insurance provides liability protection for students as you perform skills in the clinical setting.

It is recommended, but not required, that you obtain a stethoscope and blood pressure kit for practicing key vitals skills. Affordable options can be found via Amazon at these links:

What is your refund policy?

The $50 application/registration fee is non-refundable. Once the student receives course materials, all payments are then non-refundable. 

When and where is TB testing done?

You must present the results of a negative TWO-STEP Tuberculin PPD skin test or blood test. You must have these completed in order begin the class.

The TB Risk Assessment is done by the RightChoice instructor at Simulation Clinicals at no cost to students.

The TWO-STEP Tuberculin PPD skin test takes a minimum of 12 days to complete. If you are unable to get the TB skin test, have had a positive reaction to a TB skin test, have had TB in the past, or been vaccinated for TB you may need a blood test or chest x-ray to meet this requirement. For students in the Jefferson and Oldham County areas, the preference is to have this testing performed at one of the four Baptist Health Occupational Medicine facilities. Click HERE for locations.

Students may have another healthcare provider do the testing based upon preference or your location. Again, students must have their TB test results turn in prior to beginning any course format. 

Where do I find information about SRNA testing in Kentucky?

Contact your Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) testing coordinator by clicking HERE to visit their website.

Is my Kentucky SRNA license recognized by other states?

Each state has different regulations regarding nurse aide licenses.  If you plan to work in a state other than Kentucky, you need to check that state’s reciprocity policy.

How do I get a complaint resolved?

Grievance Policy

In the event of a misunderstanding or unfulfilled expectations, we ask students to give us the opportunity to resolve any problems or complaints regarding any experience at RightChoice. 

Students are always welcome to call our Executive Director, Terry Graham, RN at (502) 974-2541 or address correspondence to her, marked “Personal and Confidential” at 2301 Hurstbourne Village Drive, Suite #200, Louisville, KY 40299. Students should include the specific nature of the complaint, including dates, times, personnel involved, and the specific policy felt to be violated.  The director will investigate the grievance and notify the student within five (5) days of the outcome of the investigation and any action RightChoice plans to take.  The grievance and results of the investigation/outcome will be maintained confidentially on file at RightChoice.

If a student believes a school has violated Kentucky statutes or regulations, written complaints may be forwarded to the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education.

Filing a Complaint with the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education

To file a complaint with the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education, each person filing must submit a completed “Form to File a Complaint” (PE-24) to the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education. This form can be found on the website at www.kcpe.ky.gov. The completed form should be sent by mail to Capital Plaza Tower, Room 302, 500 Mero Street, Frankfort, KY 40601.

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