Training the health care providers of tomorrow…

Why choose RightChoice?

A few reasons why RightChoice is indeed…the RIGHT CHOICE!

  • EXPERIENCE! Nearly 10 years of proven SRNA training success!
  • FLEXIBILITY! 3 learning platforms to best fit your life and learning style:
    • Online classes
    • Hybrid classes utilizing Zoom technology (CURRENTLY ON HOLD)
    • In-person weekday or weekend classes at our Louisville campus (CURRENTLY ON HOLD)
  • VALUE! Avoid unexpected costs as our one flat fee includes items such as:
    • Hard copy of course textbook
    • Scrub top
    • Cost of background check
    • RightChoice book bag
  • MUCH MORE! See the “Why We Are Different” section below for some additional reasons why RightChoice is in a class of its own!

Our Purpose

The purpose of the RightChoice State Registered Nurse Aide course is to to successfully take the state exam to be a State Registered Nurse Aide. As the over-65 age group continues to grow in size, there will be a greater demand for health care services at all levels.  By preparing students to be successful Nurse Aides they will be strategically positioned to advance their career into nursing if they choose. 

Our Mission

Our mission at RightChoice is to provide an excellent educational opportunity to those who are interested in entering the field of health care. We strive for excellence in all that we do, and to that end, we provide dynamic classroom instruction as well as hands-on experience in a clinical setting. Our students are prepared to the best of their ability to pass the state examination and to continue their education to attain higher credentials in the health care field.

Our Program

The SRNA training course will cover all topics found in Mosby’s Textbook for Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants (8th ed.) by Clare Kostelnick, RN, BSN.  This program has a MINIMUM of 75 clock hours of instruction.  Of these hours, 59 are classroom and lab instruction and 16 will be spent in clinical practice at a nursing facility. 

RightChoice typically offers the program in three formats, however only the full online class is currently available.  In person and live online instruction are CURRENTLY ON HOLD. All class offerings require 16 hours of in person clinical instruction. 

Why We Are Different

RightChoice has dedicated teachers with a desire to help train the next generation of nurse aides and nurses. For in-person instruction (currently on hold), we offer small class sizes (8 to 10 people) to allow for more personal, individualized attention. 

RightChoice staff strives to see that your time with us is both successful and rewarding. Here you will NEVER have difficulty in obtaining additional assistance. The training center will be open and available by appointment on non-class days for students to watch videos and practice skills. 

Because many students work full-time jobs, RightChoice offers flexible online classes to help meet the needs of as many students as possible. 

It is our hope that students who complete our program pursue further education in the field of health care. The demand for professional health care workers is projected to grow dramatically in the coming years due to the aging population. We want our students to be strategically positioned so that they may benefit from the situation by being prepared to take their place in this ever-expanding industry.