Classroom Course

Currently unavailable. Please check back for updates!

Why choose classroom version of RightChoice?

A few reasons why the RightChoice Classroom format might be YOUR right choice!

  • In-person classes and skills taught by experienced instructor.
  • Frequent hands-on skills practice during daily lab activities.
  • Online access to video presentation of all 28 state-required skills.
  • Significant added value for your investment:
    • Hard copy of course textbook INCLUDED!
    • Scrub top INCLUDED!
    • Cost of background check INCLUDED!
    • RightChoice book bag INCLUDED!

What is required of me?

  • To be eligible for course, you will be required to:
    • Be 17 years of age or older
    • Pass a TB risk assessment and a two-step TB skin or blood test
    • Pass a background check
    • Be able to perform the duties of a nurse aide
  • Complete online course, including:
    • At least 59 hours spent in classroom instruction
    • Participate in at least 16 hours of clinicals
    • Pass all course testing at 70% or better
  • Meet all attendance, dress code and standards of conduct requirements
  • See FAQ section for further details

Note: You must have your TB test results turned into RightChoice in order to begin class. The TWO-STEP Tuberculin PD skin test takes a minimum of 12 days to complete. If you are unable to get the TB skin test, you may need a blood assay test or a chest x-ray to meet this requirement. 

What do I pay?

Cost of the course is a total of $650. Details of costs:

  • Registration Fee – $50
  • Tuition (includes registration fee) – $455
  • Textbook and class binder – $80
  • Background Check – $25
  • Scrub Top for Clinicals – $15
  • Insurance – $25

Note that insurance provides liability protection for students as you perform skills in the clinical setting.

It is recommended, but not required, that you obtain a stethoscope and blood pressure kit for practicing key vitals skills. Affordable options can be found via Amazon at these links:

Payment Plan Available!

Payment over time for the Classroom Course may be beneficial to some students and we want to help! As a result, a payment plan may be available.

  • $50 is due with application and background check to hold a seat in class up to 7 days before class begins.
  • $400 is due 7 days prior to the first day of class to confirm your seat in class and obtain your materials
  • $200 is due 7 days prior to clinicals

NOTE: Once a student has paid for and scheduled their clinical session, no refund is available. Rescheduling clinical sessions is done at the discretion of RightChoice and is dependent on an open seat being available.  There is a $50 fee to reschedule any clinical session. 

If this payment schedule works better for you than an upfront payment, please contact us (phone, text, or email) to set up your payment plan

What do I get?

  • At least 59 hours of classroom instruction
  • 16 hours of required clinical experience
  • Access to instructor during classes and labs
  • 24/7 access to online classroom resources for period of 180 days
  • Scrub top
  • Textbook
  • RightChoice book bag
  • Background check
  • Student liability insurance
  • Certificate of Completion upon fulfilling course requirements

How do I get my stuff?

Contact our office to make an appointment to pick up your textbook, scrub top, class materials binder, and book bag so that you are prepared for the first day of class. Click HERE for contact information.

When do classes begin?

As noted above, classes for this format are currently on hold until further notice. Please check back regularly for updates.

How do I enroll?

Currently unavailable. Please check back for updates!

Step #1

Apply for course. Fill Out Student Application and Background Check Form.

Step #2

Pay for course. When you submit your application you will receive an email with confirmation of receipt of your application. Next, click on Pay for Course button to the right. Follow instructions on the payment page.

Step #3

Contact our office to make an appointment to pick up your textbook, scrub top, class materials binder, and book bag so that you are prepared for the first day of class. Click HERE for contact information.

Step #4

Please read chapters 1 – 6 in your textbook prior to the first class. Also, read dress code, attendance policy and other key information in the catalog by clicking HERE.